Remote Virus Removal

“Perfect For Computer Maintenance, Virus Cleaning, Speed Problems, and Can Also Fix Inaccessible Flash Drive / External Hard Drive Issues and Backup your data remotely..”



Remote Support Services
Using our remote support service, we can connect to your computer over the

Internet and perform many types of repairs while you watch! No need to

disconnect and lug your computer around town for servicing. Remote support makes

it easy and it’s very cost efficient. We can even configure and secure your

wireless network remotely. Prevent your neighbors from intentionally or

unintentionally connecting to your private network.

Remote support is great for those pesky computer problems that really do not

require a service call. If you are receiving error messages or having problems

getting your computer to behave properly, give remote support a shot. It’s

quick, affordable, will leave you less frustrated with your computer and it’ll

save you from a potentially costly service call.


Please note: An Internet connection is required for remote computer support.
Hardware repairs cannot be performed remotely.



☑ Convenient
☑ Cost effective
☑ Fast; just a few clicks to connect
☑ No need to be without your computer
☑ Perfect for those quick fixes or how to’s
☑ Live collaboration with the technician
☑ Save time
☑ Save fuel



Pay Bill On-site

If your using our pick up and drop off service We accept cash only. If your using our remote support service a paypal invoice will be sent to you through email along with the remote support software for us to connect to your computer.

Pay Bill Online

Online credit card payments are accepted via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to send your payment. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and is the most secure way to send payments over the internet. An invoice will be sent via email for you to securely complete your payment.